Lemon Garlic Roasties

Easy Peasy Baguettes - Or Fun with 'Betty'.


You know those days when you're craving something a little special, but you're just not in the mood to fuss?  I get a lot of those days!! 

Time to pull the old breadmaker out of the panty.  I should really name my breadmaker. It's been around a long time. A very long time.  It's surefooted, reliable, hard-working, turns an old-fashioned task into modern day convenience.  It keeps on ticking and makes whole batches of yummy.  Often.  Name worthy indeed.

Hmmm.....Freddy (you know, like steady Freddy), or maybe Betty (a name that's been around a long time, rhymes with spaghetti, which goes with bread).  I don't know, got any thoughts?

EASY PEASY BAGUETTES..........Continued here