Easy Peasy Baguettes - Or Fun with 'Betty'.

Lemon Garlic Roasties


See! My mouth is already watering!  And I'm not even that big a potato fan.  Ohhhh, but these oven roasted gems do their damndest to take me to spud heaven each and every time. 

Heady with the aroma and delicious sting of garlic, those crispy little brown edges and lemony outsides give way to an earthy, almost melt in your mouth, potato goodness in each and every mouthful. 

That's if everything goes to plan, and I'm happy to say, I've been lucky with yummy results every time I do these roasties.  Around our house we almost always do them when we're having Greek food, but great with prime rib or BBQ chicken too, or........wait a minute.......yummy with spareribs, or pork chops or leg of lamb, or ........well you get the idea.  

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