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♪♫ ♪♫ Can she bake a bake a cherry pie crisp Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Can she bake a cherry pie crisp charming Billy? She can bake a cherry pie crisp as fast as an, um.....a cloud becomes a wisp........ ♪♫ ♪♫. (Not much rhymes with crisp!!) Yes, she can.... Read more →


Really, any excuse to make and serve garlic knots works for me. ANY EXCUSE AT ALL! These tiny little chewy garlic goodies are poppable. You know, like peanuts or popcorn. Only difference being they take 2 or 3 bites instead of that single munch. But they go down just as... Read more →


We don't usually think of June and soup in the same breath. Especially in the Okanagan. But this June, oh yeahhhhh, this is it. Soup weather. Unseasonably cool, soggy days beg me to make something that warms the belly. And the soul. Soup it is. I got all retro yesterday... Read more →


I love noodles. Most any kind. Noodles is my broad ranging word for pasta. Say it, 'noodles'. See it's homey and comfortable. Feels good. It's a friendlier, happier word than 'pasta', which is fufu or just too detached and a little blah. We'll have none of that around here! NOODLES.... Read more →