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  ♪♫ ♪♫ Can she bake a bake a cherry pie crisp Billy Boy, Billy Boy?  Can she bake a cherry pie crisp charming Billy?  She can bake a cherry pie crisp as fast as an, um.....a cloud becomes a wisp........ ♪♫ ♪♫.  (Not much rhymes with crisp!!) 

Yes, she can.  And she did!

That's me, every year, when Father's Day rolls around I'm a cherry cookin' fool.  My husband Cliff has a thing for cherries.  He pouts quite often that I don't ever make cherry things.  Soooo, come June, come rain or come shine, you'll find me with dark red fingertips and Cliff with a big cherry stained smile.

This year I got down and homey, topping fresh, plump, deep-valentine-red cherries, with a buttery oatmeal crunch.  Delicious.  Not wow.  Not OMIGAWD.  Just plain old-fashioned, man that was good!  Happy June!

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