Chianti's Spinach Salad


I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam. toot! toot! 

Sorry, I don't know what came over me there.  It's that old association thing.  I see spinach, I hear Popeye. 

When I was a kid that can of spinach that Popeye muscled open never particularly got my cravings revved up. Nope, never. But my oh my, how things have changed.  I kind of have a thing now for fresh baby spinach.  Bonus of bonuses, 'cuz it's really, really good for us.

Now I do crave spinach.  Spinach salad to be precise.  Eon's ago my husband and I owned and operated a fine little restaurant in Kelowna called Chianti's.  One of Chianti's most popular menu items, hands down, was Spinach Salad.  Mmmm.....mmm.....mmmm....... a damn fine way to get my spinach fix!   

CHIANTI'S SPINACH SALAD..............Continued


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Judi, I made this tonight with your One pot pasta and it was the perfect paring. I used Olive oil as I didn't have vegetable oil and I only used 1&3/4c. I made some buttery garlic croutons out of fresh focaccia bread. Brought back some good memories of your amazing restaurant. Thanks for sharing....delicious!


Trying this salad later! Thanks for the recipe.

bellini valli

I am so excited to find another Okanagan blogger. I am from Kelowna:D Looks like we will both be attending the Writers Workshop. I look forward to meeting you and following your blog with all it's tasty dishes:D

Medifast Diet

Nice looking spinach salad, thank you for the dressing recipe, I look forward to trying this out. Spinach salad is also my favorite of salads, maybe with a little oliveoil, haha!


Mmm I'm so glad you put this recipe up!


Rosie pose, I think you'll like this one. Depending on your likes, you might want to try adding a few whole dates in place of the bacon - just something that gives that other texture and flavour burst. Yeah, I like it, dates instead of bacon. Try it and let me know! : )

Rose Ficke

We eat spinach salad every night so I'm going to give this one a try, minus the bacon bits, of course!

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