Summer Chicken Grill

My Marcella's Tomato Sauce


A pushover.  Yup, that's me.  Just the mention of Italian food, or more precisely a perfect bowl of pasta and sauce, gets my taste buds jumping up and down in joyful aniticipation.  There's nothing else that leaves the foodie in me soulfully satisfied in quite this way.

Which easily explains my endearing love affair with the legendary Marcella Hazan and my eternal gratitude to her for bringing us her take on the art of Italian cooking.   

Marcella is unknowingly my secret auntie.  Oh sure, sure, don't act like I'm the only one who fantasizes about having a gracious and revered family member who, at the turn of a spoon, creates the world's best Italian food.  That special someone who's kitchen overflows with stories of living le dolce vita, with humour only an auntie can pull off, with shared giggles, with enviable wisdom and with mouthwatering aromas that make you want to stay put for days.  Mamma mia!

MY MARCELLA'S TOMATO SAUCE ....................Continued