My Marcella's Tomato Sauce

Summer Chicken Grill



When it's cookin' like this you don't want to be cooking.  At least not in the kitchen, that's for sure. 

By mid to late afternoon I have an addictive ritual these days. Sometimes I start craving it at soon as I wake up in the morning, especially when the weatherman is promising temperatures around the sweltering triple digit mark.  Sometimes it's a little easier on me and I can make it to late afternoon before succumbing completely to it's watery reaches.  Sometimes no matter how many piles of must-do work I have in front of me I cannot wait another second to do what it takes to reach those euphoric natural highs.

Beeline time.  Beach chair in one hand, tall icy club soda in the other and I'm off.  Down our backyard garden path to the cool, clear waters of Trepanier Creek.  Not a second is wasted, kicking off my flip flops as I go, within seconds I have my chair plunked into the middle of the creek so that the seat is just underwater.....and plop, I'm down. Aaaaahhhhh!  Instant gratification.  

SUMMER CHICKEN GRILL...................Continued


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I'm drooling on my keyboard. AND I'M HUNGRY!!!
Looks incredibly delicious!:)

bellini valli

A delicious meal to beat the summer heat. For me I head down to the beach at Okanagan Centre with my book and chair.

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