Summer Chicken Grill



I come from a long line of fantastic cooks and passionate foodies. I'd say it's our family legacy. 

As far back as I can remember, our family gatherings and special occasions spill over with animated chatter, secret giggles, big warm laughs, juicy gossip, rousing board games and deep, quiet heart to hearts in the corner.  But no matter what the occasion, the centrepiece of coming together as a family was and is, the food.  The glorious food.  Food that fills your belly and your soul.

Now when we gather we even talk about the food that we used to eat in days gone by.  Our faces light up in unison when someone mentions Auntie Alice's Stampede BBQ's, or that home-made Chinese feast at my in-laws that went on for hours, or Auntie Frizzle's caramel covered marshmallows, or Mom's apple pies.  Love-soaked memories, that we share repeatedly with each other so we can celebrate together again the homespun feasts that we each have tucked away in our minds, for safe keeping.

MOM'S CRAB DIP..................Continued