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Maple Pot de Crème

It was one of those chilly, drizzley, the-sky-has-fallen autumn days. The wet, grey skies somehow had a way of transforming the golden leaves on the birch, that line our backyard creek, into little, eye-popping brilliant yellow florescent signs, heralding the end is near. Foggy mists played tag between the forest... Read more →


Possibly the best fudge in the world. Seriously!!! I'm not just whistling Dixie. This is candy heaven. Creamy, velvety smooth sweetness interrupted only by the crunch of fresh-picked walnuts. (oven toasted to intensify the crisp nuttiness) Not only is this the best tasting fudge, there's all those other elements that... Read more →


Paradise Valley Happy Pork Emporium. Maybe that's what we should be calling our house every single time we make dry garlic ribs. We just love those tender crispy fried little porkers and so does everybody else who passes our way on the right day. Yesterday was the right day. As... Read more →