SPICY AVOCADO CAESAR SALAD DRESSING and Hey Jude's Overkill Caesar Salad
SOPA SECA aka Mexican Dry Soup

Last Wonton's Honey Sriracha Wings WIN FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE Contest

Oven-fried, crispy tender chicken wings glazed with spicy, sweet, citrusy Asian flavours that somehow softly whisper of Buffalo are officially the winners of Food Network Magazine's "Cook with Honey" contest.
Wooohoooo!!!!  I won!  I really won!!

I knew exactly the recipe I wanted to enter into the contest as soon as I saw the announcement on the last page of the March 2011 edition of the ever-popular Food Network Magazine.Food-Network-prize  

It read, "Cook with Honey!"  "Think like an Iron Chef and dream up a dish using this month's secret ingredient.  So I did!   

And I won!!  $500 to spend in the FoodNetworkStore.com AND a posting on FoodNetwork.com.  You know, that's the .com where Bobby, Emeril, Gordon, Tyler, Giada, Paula, Ina, Guy, Duff and our other favorites hang out.  

Now, it just happens to be where I hang out too!   That's what you call being in good company!  See for yourself.....lil' ol' me, right here.

All that said, my Honey Sriracha Wings are worthy winners!  Try them and see if you agree.
Thanks Food Network!  Must run, I have an irresistible urge to go shopping.