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Hi Judi, My name is Michele. Dana Romano is my amazing brother. I talked to him today and he told me about you and your blog with great fondness. He wanted me to check out your site and I have to say that it is pretty amzazing. I love it! Wow, the pictures looks mouthwatering! I can't wait to try some of your recicpes. Maybe we will meet someday. Cheers!


Hey there Judi. Did you know that when you click on your bacon wrapped potatoes it takes you to Japanese tempura fritters. I knew you would want to fix this.


Made Chianti's Spinach salad again yesterday (made it last weekend too). Had company over. Nothing says "I love it" more than "can I have the recipe please"!! Thanks Judi

Carole Ridley

Thanks Jude, from now on, I'm getting all my recipes from you. Just love this. So creative.


What a beautiful blog you have! I'm going to follow along with you. I look forward to getting to know you. Have a beautiful day ~Candace


Jude!! You are amazing!!!!! i have a good idea for you, you can offer your amazing cooking to the guests that stay at camp okanagan!!! how amazing would that be to get dinner delivered right to your door, especially your cooking!!!! wuv u!


So very well said Judi. I look forward to sharing your kitchen with you during the year of the Golden Rabbit. May your kitchen be filled with successes!!!

Alison Waters

Judi Judi Judi - all looks fab and having just eaten Thanksgiving dinner at your place I know it all tastes as good as it looks!!! Exciting stuff!!! I'll keep checking in. xox


Wow, great job! I look forward to meeting you. See you at the workshop in September, but until then, I'll keep up with your foodie wanderings. Jennifer!


Congratulations on starting your blog. I love the Hawaiian recipes.


Oh yay Brent! I'm glad you're giving the chickie flautas a try. Let me know how they turn out for you. I want the low down.......the 'real' lowdown...... Have a great weekend. I'm off to Vancouver, but will be back at my post Monday morning first thing.


Drape with Avocado sauce....perfect. I am going to make these over the weekend.


Aloha! Hope everyone is enjoying a nice, relaxing Sunday. Just popping in to let you know that if you follow the clicks from the blog introduction into My Hawaiian Kitchen that I've started posting 'Hawaiian' recipes. Well recipe. But you've got to start someplace. Much more to come. Stay tuned.


Awesome stuff Judi! Soooo glad you made this :)

Tricia Mogstad

congrats Judi, looking forward to seeing more recipes and lovely pictures.. Tricia

Roslyne Buchanan

Yahoo! Congratulations, Judi, on launching your blog. Great start and I'll be looking forward to sharing the journey. I might even dust off my breadmaker for this creation.

Oh yeah, and I vote "Betty" as the name because Betty White rocks and look how she's still going after all these years. Did you catch Saturday Night Live with her hosting? What a legend!

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