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A crumbly, moist, rich, butter cake, riddled with fresh blueberries, boasting a divinely crunchy cinnamon sugar top crust. Is it for breakfast? Or dessert? Yes, absolutely. The name stopped me in my browsing tracks before I even knew what manner of 'food' I was about to see. And then.......a tender... Read more →

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie

A creamy jumble of rich little nibbles of cheesecake and dreamy, old-fashioned strawberry ice cream, topped with fresh berries. Slice of summer, anyone? Hot diggety dog! It's almost summer! Lots of long, hot, sunny afternoons have already laid their glories upon us. Feelin' good, feelin' fine! ♪♫♥ Roll out those... Read more →


Rich, golden brown, flaky crust gives way to deep, dark, delicious berryness. Yes. Yes, please! I couldn't wait. I just couldn't wait, for berry season. Some things are worth jumping the gun for. Blueberry Pie is definitely one of those things. Well, for us, it is. There are pie people... Read more →


Crispy, crunchy, tender juicy, beefy goodness, touting enough of all the right spices, to deliver a gleeful pow of flavour flavour. Forest Grump mentioned, or more reminded me, that he was really craving some old-fashioned fried chicken. And he's been ever so patient waiting for me to be in the... Read more →


Chop! Chop! Greekness-goodness-veggie-freshness in a bowl, riddled and crowned with dreamy, creamy, tangy feta. Feta rules! sta-ple ˈ/stāpəl/ noun 1. a main or important element of something, especially of a diet. Seldom a week passes without me making a good-size batch of Greek salad. It's pretty much a staple at... Read more →


Crispy bacon boasting a praline-ish, salty, sweet, nutty, caramelized cloak of rather brazen deliciousness, with just a little tingle of spice. Oh yes please! TOP TEN REASONS TO MAKE CARAMELIZED BACON 10. Friends and family will appreciate you just a teensy, weensy bit more. 9. The Barefoot Contessa says, "This... Read more →