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Classic tzatziki meets buttery, rich, fresh avocado. Hubba, hubba! Cool, creamy, tangy, avocado oomph-ed, cucumber-laden, garlic-tinged, dilly, Greekness. What sorcery is this? It just happened. It was easy. We love tzatziki. We love avocados. And, we happen to be whiling away a few glorious days in Kona, on The Big... Read more →


Dreamy, creamy, gloriously re-imagined Hollandaise sauce, with just a squeeze, a dribble, a splash, and a dash, to kick up the sublime deliciousness of a perfect avocado. Buzz, buzz. I know, right?! I call it Avocado Hollandaise, and yet there isn't a drop of butter, or any eggs involved, in... Read more →


Japanese street food comes home! Chewy, tender, noodles, stir fried with marinated beef slices and a bouquet of fresh veggies, ka-powed with a fiery, sweet, lip-smacking sauce. Slurp, slurp! Yakisoba, baby! It's not very damn pretty, but it's pretty damn good. But, then, you know me and noodles. Especially fresh... Read more →


What happens, you ask, when the toasty, caramelized flavours of the seasoned sear of a perfectly grilled steak meet the toasty, caramelized flavours of golden-edged, sauteed, sweet onion and Poblano, while the Pepper Jack cheese is watching? Well, silly, the cheese melts, of course, irresistibly, bringing it all together, tucked,... Read more →