Kona Mai Tais

Iconic, tropical deliciousness that speaks of the charm of Polynesia, with every sip. A little sweet, a little sour, a rummy pow! Okole Maluna! Or when I'm not in Kona, Bottoms Up! Mai Tais are fun. Mai Tais are dreamily tropical. Mai Tais are sublimely potent. Mai Tais whisper Hawaiian... Read more →

Avocado Cream Pie

Cool and creamy, silky smooth, with a subtle richness and tang, along with a rather alluring sweetness. Yup, that's Avocado Cream Pie. Generally speaking Big Island of Hawaii avocados are huge, and soooo buttery that they pretty much melt in your mouth. A generous drizzle of Rangpur lime, a good... Read more →

Crispy Chicken Burgers

Crunchy, crispy, tender, juicy, fried chicken breasts tucked into very fortunate buns, along with a hefty drizzle of honeyed sriracha, and some freshly shredded iceberg. Chick-a-boom! These chicken burgers have definitely become a craveable dinner for us, thanks to Don't Go Bacon My Heart food blog. The breasts always turn... Read more →