Crispy Chicken Burgers

Crunchy, crispy, tender, juicy, fried chicken breasts tucked into very fortunate buns, along with a hefty drizzle of honeyed sriracha, and some freshly shredded iceberg. Chick-a-boom! These chicken burgers have definitely become a craveable dinner for us, thanks to Don't Go Bacon My Heart food blog. The breasts always turn... Read more →

One Pan Tomato Orzo

Sublimely simple pasta dish boasting the plush goodness of fresh tomatoes, the fragrant richness of toasted garlic and a wee, fiery, hot chili hit. Groovy! One pan! And it comes together, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, every time. And, it's just so, sooo, fresh tasting! Well, how could it not be?! Fresh tomatoes -... Read more →

Kona Coconut Shrimp

Enticingly golden, sweet, crisp-crispy finger food that will transport you to paradise, with just one bite. Chomp, chomp! Oh how I love puttering, playing, and cookin' stuff up in a Kona kitchen. And then to go a step further and make some pupus (or lunch, or dinner!) that actually taste... Read more →


Just pull apart and munch, munch. Crispy, buttery, edges hiding tender, soft, old-fashioned, warm-from-the-oven goodness. Fun to make, fun to eat. TOP TEN REASONS TO MAKE BUTTERY MONKEY BREAD 10. Family and friends will sing your praises, and then some. 9. It's best fresh from the oven, so you don't... Read more →


Easy, peasy, throw-it-in, souped up lasagna. One of our favorite pastas becomes a hearty, indulgent, hot soupy bowl of deliciousness just like that! South of the border, in the ol' USA, our neighbours are unofficially celebrating January, as National Soup Month. Perfectamundo! I'm so borrowing this. Who wouldn't, right?! Besides... Read more →